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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 25, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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with a uniform phaeupbd him an honorry officer for the day. up next, the bad. a new study revealing women have to work harder than men to lose weight. when scientists put men and women on the same fitness program, men peeled off the pounds faster and reaped more benefits. finally, the ugly. a thief caught on camera stealing a woman's purse as she prayed in church. this happened in england on christmas day. the pictures just now surfacing. police hoping that someone will recognize this guy. that's really bad. >> you know where he's going in the end. now it is time for your brew on this question of the day responses. we asked if you thought it was okay for a tennessee elementary school to limit parents access to kids during school lunch time. we wanted to know if you thought this was too -- going too far in the name of safety. >> here's what some of you had to say. jo ann writes school lunch is a time for kids to
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interact with their friends and peers. they develop their social skills and friendships. when parents are there, it changes the dynamics. >> dan from ohio says as a parent i have every right to full access to my child at school. it is my responsibility to keep my child safe. >> bill from florida rights parents don't belong in schools. it is not safe and distracting to the kids. stay home, parents. thanks to everyone who responded. >> have a great day and good weekend. >> goodbye. >> tgif everyone. brian didn't want to sit down. he didn't want to. he wanted to do it standing up. we can do it standing up. it is friday, january 25, 2013. we've done this before. it's as cold as ice out. ♪ it's as cold as ice temperatures as low as 29
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degrees below zero slamming millions across the u.s. making the job for fire fighters across the country nearly impossible. >>brian: we're finally hearing manti te'o's voice mail -- >>steve: go by with the format. >> i'm calling to say good night. i love you. get your rest. i'll talk to you tomorrow. >>brian: does that sound like a man or a woman? we're going to tell you what we know this morning. that picture right there of the alleged perpetrator. the script says camera, i don't care what you pick. debt collectors are now posing as women in bikinis on facebook looking for you. "fox & friends" starts whenever we sit down. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's a great way to begin your day.
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>>gretchen: we have one stand-up holdout. >>steve: nobody told us to sit down. >>brian: here's the problem. we've alienated our floor manager, the world's best floor manager. he can't give us the cold shoulder for 2 hours and 58 minutes. >>steve: everything is cold in new york city. in new york city, it is 10 degrees. why we never originated this show from miami. currently it is 65 degrees in miami. why aren't we in florida? why? >>brian: and no taxes, we'd have no state income taxes too. >>gretchen: okay. i'll put in my vote for florida. i'm not sure my family would be in line for that. >>brian: i'll buy the bubble wrap. let's move. >>gretchen: let's get to your headlines first. family and friends remembering the life of beloved philadelphia pediatrician melissa
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katunutee outside her home her body was found bound and burned, a horrible crime. police say an exterminator confessed to killing her. jason smith told police the two got into an argument during his appointment at his home. he then allegedly strangled her and set her body on fire. >> this points out that it could happen to anybody at any time. any one of us let people into our houses without doing background checks or having somebody else present. >>gretchen: that's scary. surveillance video showed that smith's truck parked nearby and it showed him following her into her house and driving by twice after the murder. he's now facing several charges in connection with that killing. >> he claimed to be a former demolition expert in the u.s. marines but police say richard sandberg was just a drug addict trying to trade guns and home made bombs for cocaine. the 35-year-old under arrest when agents stormed
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his colorado home, sandberg telling colorado agents he could sell them everything from military bombs from nay palm to frag. >> secretary of state clinton claiming several state department employees reportedly moved from their jobs since the attacks in benghazi were removed from their job but are still there. here's why. she is limited. i believe she's working now to try to change that particular provision. it was a gag that started in the early days of the jimmy kimmel show when his guests stunk. kimmel tried to hraoeufpb up the show by pretending he didn't have time for a big star like mat damon. last night matt got the last laugh. he opened the show as a kidnapper who tied kimmel
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to a chair. >> who is the best standup comedian in the world? >> definitely not jimmy kimmel. he is not funny at all. he's human garbage. >> that's a given. do you know why people think jimmy kimmel is so funny? >> no. why? >> i'm asking you. >>gretchen: that was kimmel's ex. damon continued to torture kimmel by bringing on big stars. sheryl crow was the band leader. nicole kidman and demi moore all stopped by. >>steve: he never was untied the entire show. terrific publicity. >>steve: to our lead story impacting millions of people: it's freezing cold. check out this fountain in new york city pictured yesterday. the water is still moving
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underneath the ice. a lot of it frozen over. in the commonwealth of massachusetts, temperatures making it all the more difficult for these fire fighters because the hydrants froze up. and then as soon as the water went out of the hoses, it froze. for the latest on what we can expect today on this friday, let's go to janice dean. tell us it's warming up someplace. >> it's going to warm up here. by wednesday, thursday, 50-degree temperatures for your daytime high. kind of topsy-turvy weather over the next several weeks as we get into february. don't get too kph-frpbl because the deep -- don't get too kph-frpl because -- comfortable because the deep freeze will be back. that cold is sinking as far south as atlanta, georgia, 32 degrees where we could see a mixture of ice and freezing rain on the roadways. quite dangerous across the mid south and tennessee valley. the wind chills, if you're
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not bundled up, feels like minus 1 in new york, 7 in chicago. across the west it's warm. so there is warmth across the map, just not across portions of the upper midwest and the great lakes and northeast down towards the ohio river valley. as you head towards kentucky and tennessee, see that pink, that's that mixture of ice, freezing rain, sleet. it's going to make travel very difficult. they have e got the sand out there. they're going to try to make sure the roadways are at least a little bit okay. the best advice if you've got freezing rain in your area is to stay off the roads. travel forecast: looking at that mixture of sleet and freezing rain, parts of tennessee and kentucky, temperature freezing, right around 32 in nashville. as you head towards ashville, the carolinas, you get the potential for ice and freezing rain on the roadways. north of the carolinas, it will be mainly a snow event. one to four inches.
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not a blockbuster storm but is going to cause travel delays on the roadways and in the air. do check ahead. call your air carrier if you're traveling out today or picking someone up at the airport. you know it is going to cause a ripple effect across the northeast and parts of the midwest and certainly the south. winter storm advisories. these are freezing rain advisories. parts of arkansas, tennessee, alabama and georgia, freezing rain advisories for you. we're going to see frozen precipitation on the roadways and bridges will be difficult to travel. as we head towards the mid-atlantic and northeast, mainly a snow event. one to three inches. not a blockbuster storm event but it's going to cause tricky travel. we'll keep you posted from the fox news extreme weather center. back to you. >>brian: speaking of tricky, manti te'o was on the katie couric program yesterday and told his story about how he was hoaxed into believing that person on the line actually loved him.
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for three years. he never met her in person. we've heard that apparently the voice on the phone was a guy. he, manti, brought along three of the voice mail. you listen to them. does this sound like a guy or girl to you. >> i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. i know you're doing homework or you're out with the boys. i want to say i love you and good night. i'll be okay tonight. >>steve: that's some good
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acting. >>gretchen: that was after apparentlily -- keep it straight here now. the fake girlfriend apparently was crying on the phone because she was upset because she thought manti was dating someone else on the campus of notre dame. >>brian: she called his phone earlier and a woman answered. does that sound like a man or woman? we told you it sounded like it was, and the story the lawyers is putting out there is that it was the perpetrator. now there's news this morning, and we have a face, and it turns out it's actually his cousin, a young woman by the name of tino who lives in pango-pango, which is american somoa. >>brian: a woman named tino who lives in pango-pango calling notre dame. here's the deal.
3:12 am
first rinai is trying to do the noble thing because that's a woman. >>gretchen: what do you mean doing the noble thing? how can anybody being noble? >>brian: he's trying to say it was just me. take me, officer. for some reason his lawyers wanted the same thing. that is unbelievable to phaoefplt number one, what about the cousin? what about the free time these people have running a fake life? isn't it hard enough to run your own life? >>steve: this young woman from pango-pango, she was pretending to be the girlfriend to mr. te'o from notre dame. she had recently been dropped in a long-distance relationship. she was rebounding. >>gretchen: but who does this? forget pango-pango, all these names that nobody can
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pronounce. forget all that. who does this? who does this for three years? what does this say about our culture that people would invest three years of their lives trying to defraud? >>brian: it is one lunatic trying to get part of manti te'o -- >>gretchen: there is a whole show on -- >>steve: he's an idiot. here's something else. if you owe money, and you get calls from debt collectors -- >>brian: have you changed topics? >>steve: i have. if you get in trouble with the debt collectors and they call you for awhile and they stop, next thing you know you're getting a friend request, someone in a bikini, a cute gal, be wear because collectors have moved into social
3:14 am
media trying to get your money. >>gretchen: look at the social media and all these things happening as a result of people not having human to human connection. that is my point here. try raising kids in all of us. that's all. okay. >>brian: as long as there have been bikinis, men have been attracted to them. whether to buy a magazine or gum, in this case it is to lure them in to pay their debt. the other thing they say is congratulations you've won a million dollars. come to the police station to pick it up and they get you then. >>steve: both stories we told you about, how people have hoaxed other people to get what they want. >>gretchen: do you have a gun to protect your home? a proposed law says you'll have to tell your child's school where you're going to keep it so they can decide if it's actually going to be safe. >>brian: she's staging an escape and bringing her friends along for the ride. >>steve: real horse
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a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. >>brian: president obama getting his wish on gun control this morning. democratic senator dianne feinstein introduced a proposal that would ban certain assault weapons. but it is not just a federal issue. states are coming up with their own ideas like this one in missouri. you've got a state senator who wants to pass a law requiring parents who own guns to notify their child's school. if these are not complied, they will be slapped with a $100 fine. >> i wholly believe in the second amendment that everyone should have the right to bear arms. but the second amendment
3:19 am
does not say that a 12-year-old can shoot a 12-year-old. >>brian: does this proposal go too far? we have another missouri state senator. what do you think about this? >> the constitution has many things it does not say but one of the thing the constitution does provide for is our privacy. i don't think the constitution says anything about teachers and school administrators becoming government investigators. i think this is a bad pweufplt >>brian: she says the bill is not intended to take your gun away but to improve gun safety. do you see her point of view? >> i don't. once again, as with any piece of gun legislation, what happens is the criminals obviously will completely ignore this and only law-abiding citizens would follow this law. and, therefore, only law-abiding citizens would have their privacy violated. >>brian: of course any criminal who wants to target a house who can get ahold of this list will say
3:20 am
we should or shouldn't go there because there is a gun and that might tip them off. we saw that in new york with this newspaper publishing all the addresses. absolutely. if you look at it in the reverse as well, if they look at the list and see a family does not have a firearm, of course that might become a target as well. >>brian: are you an army of one on this? or do you feel as though a lot of people support you? >> i think the majority of the missouri legislature will favor my opinion on this. i can tell the good people of the state of missouri that this bill simply will not become law. >>brian: and you believe the intent is fine but you believe the measure is just wrong; correct? >> i have to believe that senator nad he l's heart is in the wrong place but this is a measure that goes in the wrong place. i am the chairman to the committee for which this bill has been assigned. i can tell you this bill is
3:21 am
not going to find a happy place in my committee. >>brian: we continue to look at gun control, gun safety on every level. this stop was in missouri. thanks, senator. >> thank you. >>brian: up next here on "fox & friends," time to -- time for america to get its money house in order. why? because senator john kerry says its credibility is on the line. a little confused? congressman darrell issa will be here to make it all make sense. should people on welfare be able to buy lottery tickets? you're paying for them to live. scratch it off and find out. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses.
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>>steve: got quick headlines for you. the american man who helped plan the brutal attack in mumbai that left 130 people dead will spend 35 years prison. that sentence was part of a plea deal but the judge said he did deserve the death penalty. 52-year-old david coleman helped scout the target of the rampage. a teenage boy clinging on to a tree for his life is pulled from raging waters in australia. take a look as a rescuer goes into the water to bring him to dry land. the boy doing fine and what a story. >>gretchen: during his confirmation hearing for secretary of state, senator john kerry warned america's fiscal problems may limit his effectiveness if he's confirmed. >> and the first priority of business which will affect my credibility as a diplomat and our credibility as a nation, as
3:26 am
we work to help other countries create order, the first priority will be that america at last puts its own fiscal house in order. >>gretchen: isn't that what many republicans have been saying all along? joining us from davos, switzerland, house oversight and government reform committee chair darrell issa. good afternoon to you, congressman. >> thanks, gretchen. it is interesting to hear senator kerry basically talk about something that he is in fact an architect of. it's a little bit like somebody killing their parents and then claiming to be an orphan. he certainly has had an opportunity to bring forward a budget or bring up the ryan budget. he's been in a leadership position. he's leaving the senate without fiscal responsibility. they are the ones that haven't passed a budget in over 1,000 days and
3:27 am
counting. >>gretchen: wasn't he on the -- was he on one of the super committees or the debt commission? was he on that particular commission to try to come up with a bipartisan plan? >> you know, i apologize. i wasn't on it. ryan was. the fact is, though, that that committee came up with a mixture of tax increases which we've had and spending cuts which we haven't had and haven't had any cooperation with democrats in the senate to begin doing. what you saw, just before we left for the district work period for various activities like meeting with world economic leaders here in davos is we moved it 90 days so we could attempt one more time to pass a budget, something that would allow us to let public and private leaders around the world have confidence in what our spending is going to be and that in fact we're going to pay our debts. >>gretchen: one other big topic that happened on capitol hill this week was
3:28 am
of course that the current secretary of state, outgoing hillary clinton, she finally came to the table to give her testimony on benghazi. but did the whole point of the hearing -- there was a lot of controversy about that video as being the reason why that attack had originally happened instead of calling it a terrorist attack. did that get swept under the rug, in your estimation during theseearings? and could republicans have actually been to blame for not bringing that up more? >> no question that the secretary came in with a simple message: i take full responsibility. it's not my fault. and that message was allowed to be repeated again and again throughout the hearing. somehow she takes full responsibility. somehow those 29 failures, somehow the false information, none of it goes to her. the one thing i did find interesting that did come out in the senate and the house was that she made
3:29 am
clear that the white house made the decision to give false information and send ambassador rice out there. secretary clinton said i didn't do it and i wasn't consulted. what that does is it takes it away and says when was the president going to take responsibility? he didn't take it in the debates where he claimed he made a clear statement. but just the opposite, it turns out it was the white house that decided to have a u.s. ambassador lie to the american people on every sunday talk show. >>gretchen: but the interesting thing is, congressman, will we ever know all of those points in the american public? because who else will you call to testify? you're not going to call the president; right? >> well, october 10 our committee made it very clear, normalization at the state department, an attempt to look normal by cutting security and cutting those kinds of things that would kept ambassador stevens safe, was part of a structure
3:30 am
determined by the state department. but after the attack began, the failures, the failures at defense, the failures at the white house and failures in honesty are pretty well understood and it does go to the president's steps. i think, gretchen, the american people understand the president falsely stated that he somehow was telling the truth in the rose garden and in fact is now responsible directly for what ambassador rice said on those sunday talk, because if he was saying effectively it was a terrorist attack in the rose garden, then how dare he allow the ambassador to give false testimony several days later. that's the reality. as we know that, they reelected the president, he gets a pass on what he did wrong. but for those of us who care about americans overseas being safe, we can't give this administration a pass on not fixing the many deficiencies that we found on our trip just a few weeks ago and others are finding around the world.
3:31 am
americans are not being properly protected in diplomatic mission. and candidly, as you saw in algeria, there are a lot of americans in harm's way just trying to do business around the world. >>gretchen: many dangerous spots for americans and others all across this nation. thanks for joining us from a beautiful spot in the world. davos, switzerland; far, far away from capitol hill. >> it's beautiful, it's cold. >>gretchen: good to see you. we've got to wrap it up. >> no skiing but a lot of good conversations with world leaders. >>gretchen: see you soon. coming up, it is a case that rocked the nation, the chandra levy murder. now there is new information that may set her killer free. first, happy birthday to alicia keys. she's 32.
3:32 am
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♪ >>steve: your shot of the morning. meet miss bum-bum 2012 of brazil bringing the heat to the streets of new york city. she beat out 500 contestants of having the country's finest rear, although you're not seeing
3:36 am
it there. >>gretchen: if you have the finest rear, why don't you take a shot showing it? >>brian: the runner-up was for front and credits her booty licious backside to a rigorous regime. she made more than -- who wrote this? >>gretchen: wait, wait, wait. >>steve: the most part of the story is she was posing out in -- >>brian: i can't show. >>gretchen: why not? >>brian: this is what got her the trophy. >>steve: that picture was made yesterday in times square. ten degrees while she's posing out in times square. congratulations miss bum bum. >>brian: miss bum bum 2012. >>steve: we salute you.
3:37 am
it is 25 minutes before the top of the hour on this friday. we've got other headlines for you. remember the case that rocked the nation nearly 12 years ago? there are now questions as to whether the convicted killer in the chandra levy case could go free. prosecutors and attorneys have met twice concerning the appeal. now levi's parents are concerned that the conviction could be in jeopardy because of the testimony of an unnamed witness. chandra levy, a government intern, of course, was killed in 2001. the suspect was sentenced to 60 years in prison. >>gretchen: on welfare? don't think about purchasing a lottery ticket in north carolina. it would punish vendors who sell them lottery tickets. currently there are more than 1.7 million people on food stamps in that state.
3:38 am
pwraoeup is that -- >>brian: harry hudini has nothing on this horse. her name is mariska, amazing at opening her stall doors and anything else that has food in it. she even helps her pals break free. the owners. michigan farm say they did not teach the horse to do that. need tontastic. book hudini. >> hello. >>steve: thank you, mr. ed. >>brian: did mr. ed fight crime or did he just talk? >>steve: he was mainly a talker. didn't do a lot of flying around. >>brian: i have a question for you, steve. is america inching closer to independence? two developments in the energy industry could lead to high-paying jobs if the government could get out of the way. >>gretchen: varney, a disclaimer here. sorry he put your daughter
3:39 am
into that story. secondly, you can always tell when brian has not slept a lot because he actually has more energy. if we do a study on energy -- >>brian: if i would be powered, it would be by natural gas and that could be the future of our country. >> there's a segue. first of all, let's deal with the pipeline. 53 senators including 9 democrats write a letter to the president saying we want that keystone pipeline. please approve it, mr. president. second item, chesapeake energy, huge natural gas producer, opens up a well, one of these fracking wells. opens it up totally to the e.p.a. come on in. have a look at what we're doing and have a look at the aftermath of what we're doing. and if you can find any kind of pollution, okay, we'll hear about it. those are two huge steps forward toward producing a lot more oil, a lot more natural gas, energy independence, jobs in
3:40 am
america, a huge step forward in the government gets out of the way. >>steve: here's why they will. the election's over. suddenly keystone looks okay. fracking not so bad. >> environmentalists are going to go crazy. they will oppose this big time with everything they've got. the question is, will the president for the first time reverse course on a major policy issue? >>brian: those people who are progreen energy are not necessarily natural gas because it burns clean? >> america reduced its carbon emissions over the last few years because we switched to natural gas and away from coal and oil in our utility plants. environmentalists, the global warmers should really be in favor of more natural gas. get out there and frack because it is good for emissions. >>gretchen: thanks for the good news. you know at the top of the show i usually say on a friday, tgif. thank god it's friday. if you miss a second of "fox & friends," you can miss a lot.
3:41 am
stick around. here's a look at a week of "fox & friends." >>steve: "fox & friends" starts now. did i miss my cue? >> who gave the longests inaugural address? >> bill clinton. >> which president was sworn in by a family member? >> ♪ owe say can't she sing ♪ >> i just realized that it actually is spellbound. >> of course it is. >> get out the smelling salts for brian after being with the lingerie ladies. >> it is the coldest day of the winter so far. >> it was so cold that brian and steve let brian ramble on just for the hot air. >> i definitely taste the booze. >> this is terrible.
3:42 am
>> i am wondering if i can continue the show now that i'm drunk. >> i actually think that this whole anchor thing is short lived for me, and i was thinking about making a transition into acting. >> in this world there are two kinds of people, my friend. >> and you're thinking about acting. keep thinking. by the conclusion of today's show, alisyn will look just like me hair-wise because the person who cuts my hair is going to cut her hair as well. >> the things i do for my crowd. >> yes, indeed, a very busy week here. >>steve: we're all in it. we're all in highlights. >> that was really, really good. >>steve: you know what this means? >> what? >>steve: you've got to come back next week. >> i'm paid for it. i'll do it.
3:43 am
>>brian: straight ahead on this friday, we're starting a new segment today on "fox & friends" called so sue me, answering your legal questions pro bono. you don't want to miss it. >>gretchen: scammers have come up with brand-new ways to scam you this valentine's day, so what you need to know. we'll tell you.éyéy÷y so, we all set?
3:44 am
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for a body in motion. >> welcome back. it's a two to one game in washington and democrats have the edge. they control the white house and the senate. and the republicans the house. and speaker john boehner warns republicans need to prepare for what the president has in store. >> over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the
3:47 am
republican party. >>steve: okay. so if political annihilation is the president's game plan, what should republicans do in return? former r.n.c. chairman jim nick -- jim nicholson joins us. do you think that is what is on the president's plate to destroy the congress? >> i think it is. he's looking forward to the elections in 2014 where they can get the house back and have control of the government, which is what makes the u.s. house so historically critically important to us today. we have to be a united republican outpost in the house. that's the only branch of government we still have. and it's very important that we hang together. i used to say when i was a party chairman, we have to hang together so we don't hang separately. and it's more important than ever now. >>steve: absolutely. i want to share with you and our audience right now
3:48 am
the results of a fox news poll wh-t president's attitude towards congressional republicans since this election. he's become 55% more confrontational people across america say. you're talking about he would like to take control of the house in two years. that would mean two more years of this super polarized situation in washington, d.c. i think people are sick of that. >> people are. but people are also sick of this run-away spending. there is a very recent fox poll that says 83% of the people in this country -- 83% think that spending is out of control. and it is. and it's in the u.s. house. and the republicans in that u.s. house, the only hope to try to stop this run-away spending and bring about some reforms that we need to these programs. if we could do those without pain to the
3:49 am
beneficiaries, the people that really need it, then it's important that we do that so that we can sustain these programs in the future and have this safety net for people who really need it. >>steve: the president says we don't have a spending problem. it's the high cost of health care. that's what he says. going back to -- >> eight out of ten americans disagree with him, especially small business people. 88% of them think that spending is out of control. and i noted in a u.s. chamber report recently that last year 52% of the small businesses in this country did not hire one employees, and two-thirds of them this year are not planning to make one new hire. >>steve: and your earlier point was that the republicans going forward, because they are united on bringing down spending, they've got to hang together. the president has been very good at trying to fractionalize the republican party. and when he does that, he wins. it sound like your advice to republican party members watching in washington,
3:50 am
d.c. is hang together. you've got to be united. because united we stand, divided you fall. >> precisely right. i used to say when i was chairman, if you believe in less government and more freedom and lower taxes and a strong military, you're a republican. and there are all these other issues about life and about marriage and about guns. and those are important issues, but the core principles of the republican party are those i just stated. and if you believe that -rblgs you're a republican -- and if you believe that, you're a republican and you should vote republican. and we have to support those people particularly in the house today who are the last frontier. if the democrats only flake off 17 republican votes in the house, they can pass a bill in the house. it's a very narrow margin that we have there. that's why we have to support the speaker and we have to stick together. >>steve: we are of course the united states of america. we thank you so much for joining us today from our d.c. bureau. >> good to be with you.
3:51 am
>>steve: straight ahead, we're giving 20 f-16's to egypt and the muslim brotherhood as well. what kind of military power did we just hand over? an up-close look at these jets top of the hour. you may laugh at manti te'o but scammers are smarter than they think. they have come up with a brand-new way to fool you. we've got the three things you need to watch out for to make sure you don't get to make sure you don't get hoodwinked. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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♪ >>gretchen: notre dame star manti te'o heart broken after learning the girl he fell for on-line was a hoax. while manti was a victim of a sick joke others may be targeting you for your dough. >>brian: a normaler new york city detective is here -- a former new york city detective is here to tell us how not to get scammed. >> valentine's day, everybody wants to have their own smoopi around that time. >>gretchen: their what? >>brian: where are these scams coming from, the ones that lure us in? >> basically a lot coming from overseas. mostly russia and nigeria. nigeria, their gross product is fraud over there. your neighbor could be doing this to you. >>brian: especially if they have an idea of who you are and what your
3:56 am
vulnerabilities are. >> it could happen anywhere. the fact that these people are overseas because they want the money wired to them. >>gretchen: you should never give your information over an e-mail or anything. let's look at other tips. you may be getting scammed if they fall in love too quickly, usually 24 to 48 hours. >> that is correct. really quickly because they want to get your money right away and they they want to get to your head emotionally so you can wire them money, especially for something like you've known them for a little while on the internet now, okay, and they're going to be asking for some money. they want to come and visit with you. they're in love with you. they want to come to yourhome. why don't you send them a couple thousand dollars and then they'll come to see you. once you wire them the money, overseas, of course, then you're never going to see the money again. it's gone. >>brian: they want you to wire the money and you never met them. that's an indication. that's trouble. they claim to be from your area but live overseas or going to nigeria for business. that seems so -- that seems
3:57 am
so transparently a scam. do people fall for that? >> all the time. there was something like $15 million in romance scandal last year. $50 million. the typical scam is about $9,000. all they have to do is get on one of these social websites and look for people that are lonely. once they respond to one of their ads, they got you. >>gretchen: we get these e-mails on our work e-mail system from nigeria. i delete them. brian responds. >>brian: i decided for a year to say sounds good. send me the money. they tell me i inherit stuff. >> the pictures of the women and men, they are always extraordinarily gore kwrus. i just got -- extraordinarilily gorgeous. i got one the other day from a russian woman that says i'm the handsomest man she ever met. >>gretchen: great to see you. good advice. coming up on "fox & friends," we're starting a new segment today called
3:58 am
"so sue me," answering your legal questions pro bono. >>brian: keep an eye on your receipts this weekend because new fees are going into effect for using your credit card. >>gretchen: this is important. stick around. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio.
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4:01 am
corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. so...what do men do when a number's too low? turn it up! [ male announcer ] in a clinical study, over 80% of treated men had their t levels restored to normal. talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. >> gretchen: tgif, it's friday, january 25, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you have a fantastic day and weekend. temperatures as low as 29 below 0. slapping millions across the u.s. turning water to ice. making the job of firefighters nearly impossible. >> brian: we're giving 20 f-16s to egypt which is run by the muslim brotherhood. what kind of military might did we just hand over to the egyptians? we're about to give you an up close look at these jets. >> steve: then has this ever happened to you? you go to dinner and forget to
4:02 am
take your wallet or your purse? just landed one guy, that man right there, in jail. fair or foul? >> brian: i'm rib. >> steve: funny, isn't it? it was a steak joint. you're watching this news joint, fox friends friends, hour two for this friday starts right now >> brian: that's why you always go out with a kid. 'cause if you forget it, say hold on to my daughter. i'm going to run to the car. as collateral. >> steve: you would think that would work for this guy, a tourist visiting new york city. wait until you hear his story. it's going to have you thinking, now i'm worried it's going to happen to me. >> brian: new york, i'm embarrassed. >> steve: listen, tough town sometimes. >> gretchen: i haven't heard the story, so i'm going to pay attention. it may be in my headlines. we're going to talk about extreme weather first. the arctic blast that has many states seeing sub zero
4:03 am
temperatures making it tough for firefighters in massachusetts, trying to put out a massive three alarm blaze. the hydrants freezing up and the water turning into ice on the streets, making it difficult for firefighters to even stand up. now reports that several of them were actually hurt. it's not known what caused that fire. friends remembering the life of beloved philadelphia pediatrician melissa. last night outside her home, that's where her body was found bound and burned earlier this week. police say this guy, an exterminator, has confessed to killing her. jason smith apparently told police the two got into an argument during his appointment at her home. he allegedly strangled her and set her body on fire. >> points out it could happen to anybody at any time and any one of us employment into our houses without doing background checks or having somebody else present. >> gretchen: surveillance video shows that smith's truck parked
4:04 am
nearby, that he was following her into her house and then he drove by twice after the murder. he's now facing several charges in connection with that killing. president obama getting his wish on gun control. democratic senator diane feinstein introduce add new proposal that would ban certain assault weapons. yesterday democrats say they want the sale, manufacturing, and importation of weapons, like these you're seeing, to be blocked. >> enough is enough. these weapons don't belong on the streets of our city. their purpose was to kill large numbers of people in close combat. >> gretchen: critics claim the new proposal would have done little to prevent a mass shooting like the one in newtown, connecticut. another reason why texting and walking could be a bad idea. a british newscaster was so busy texting her boyfriend, she didn't see that canal filled with freezing cold water before it was too late.
4:05 am
don't worry. >> brian: so was the sound effect. >> gretchen: she's okay. she's also apparently learned her lesson. and those are your headlines. >> steve: she had to go to the i.t. guy. hey, i need another one of these. this one is sopping wet. >> brian: we found ou you probably found out for the first time on our show that egypt, after a further evaluation, we are going to fulfill our obligation that was signed when hosni mubarak was in office, to deliver them a lot in weapons, to almost a billion dollars worth of f-16s and tanks. >> steve: yeah. it's extraordinary because keep in mind, like brian said, we did this deal in 2010 with hosni mubarak, who was our ally even though it is egypt and egypt and israel have always had a tenuous relationship. now the guy in charge in egypt is this morsi character. he's the president. he used to head up muslim brotherhood, which hates israel and, in fact, they want to teach the kids to hate the jews and
4:06 am
he's said of the united states that barak obama is a liar. we're giving the united states 20 of these f-16s. is that a good idea? hannity last night had a fighter pilot on who showed just what a lethal machine this is and now egypt has got 20 of them coming. >> it's equipped with a internally mounted 20-millimeter bulk and can infant this is the size of a 20-millimeter shell and it can fire these shells at the rate of 100 rounds per minute. in addition to being effective air combat mission, the f-16 can deliver a pretty good knockout punch to a target on the ground because it can carry a pretty hefty load of ordinance on pylons underneath the wings. this pylon on our aircraft here, there is provisions for another pylon on either side of this one and on these three pylons under each woo wing, the aircraft can carry an assortment of rockets and bombs or external fuel tanks
4:07 am
to extend its range. rounding it out, on each wing tip, heat seek missile. in conjunction with the other weapons that the aircraft is capable of carrying, in all that makes the f-16 a fearsome weapon. >> steve: anything that has a vulcan cannon on it, should we be giving it to the muslim brotherhood. >> gretchen: this is an example of when egypt was more of our friend. remember when president obama was asked if egypt was now a friend or enemy, the answer was not clear. now this is an example of something that was approved in the past and senator rand paul says, you shouldn't be giving these types of weapons to countries like egypt without special conditions. >> i think the egyptians would come to us and negotiate with us and say, what kind of behavior would we have to have? i would say to them, maybe you should protect our embassy. maybe you shouldn't led hoards of people jump on top of our
4:08 am
embassy and burn our flag and chant death to america. within the last year, morsi was seen at a prayer meeting with a radical sheik who was saying, death to israel and death to israel's supporters. also within the last year, egypt arrested 16 americans, held them in the country, threatened not to let them leave the country, and when i rattled the cages and said, we may talk about ending your aid and when other senators traveled there with that message, all of a sudden the americans were reloosed. they need to show they want to be part of the civilized world and i would make all aid contingent on that. >> brian: it did play a role when the hamas-israeli contest and within 24 hours it was allot the window because they allowed them to breach our embassy. those were protesters and that did get violent. but at the same time, you don't want to just say egypt, you're on your own. i don't like your government because for the last 40 years we could count on them in the region to actually counter iran for a while and try to lead the
4:09 am
way with peace with israel. >> steve: right. there are just some critics who say, at least part of that aid plan that includes all the weaponry should be scrapped. will it be? probable lea not. >> brian: the way they give it. we're not giving it to them technically. we say here is $2 billion in aid. with that aid, i'd like to recommend that you buy f-16s and tanks. so technically, senator mccain was right yesterday and says they're buying them from us. yeah, they're buying it with our own money we're giving to them. >> steve: our federal government is giving lockheed martin the building dollars for the airplanes. >> gretchen: there is a third party involved, but it's the same thing. i did not get the memo on this next topic. fill me in what happened to this tourist who ended up in jail because he didn't have his wallet at a restaurant in new york city. >> steve: okay. you jumped to the end. there is the guy who is an italian tourist, a lawyer in names and a couple of days a he was at smith and wilenski.
4:10 am
at the end of the meal -- there they are right there -- the bill came. it was 208 bucks and he said you know what? i left my wallet back at my hotel, which is 30 blocks from here. they said, oh, really? too bad. they called the cops. the cops were coming. what he said was, look, you can trust me. i'll leave my iphone as collateral. they go, we don't know if that's your iphone. he said, i'll take a busboy. they said sorry. they call the cops. cops showed up. he said, let me drive with you up there and i'll dependent the money. they go, we're not a taxi service. so they hauled him is the 17th precinct on 51st street. and they booked him. and it looks now as if what is going to happen is the judge has already thrown the case out because he has never been arrested before. and he's promised to show up, i believe next tuesday with the 208 bucks. >> brian: evidently he goes there. he's been there before and the
4:11 am
other thing about this is, do you realize what horrible publicity this did to the restaurant -- okay, me -- can identify with losing something or forgetting something, like my wallet. >> gretchen: you carry your man bag. >> brian: that i can remember. but putting all the stuff in it is the problem. and then you could end up in jail. that's just terrible. >> steve: in the restaurant's defense, they said they've had so many people dining and dashing and there are so many cons saying my emergenciary diner didn't -- imaginary diner didn't have a good meal. >> brian: how many say i'll take a busboy. >> gretchen: that's a little weird. i'm interested no knowing what you think the answer is here because since there had been a lot of diners and dashers in the recession, what is the right answer if you have nothing on you? an iphone? >> brian: take your shoes. >> gretchen: no. >> steve: it's really cold outside. he was charged with theft of services and it's interesting
4:12 am
because he said to the new york daily news, which did the story, i love new york. but i need a new steak house. >> brian: i think so. dell frisco is calling your name. >> steve: we should invite him on the show. >> gretchen: make sure he brings his wallet. >> steve: on our show he wouldn't have to. >> gretchen: this mom thought she was getting some jewelry for christmas. >> whoa baby! >> gretchen: instead, it was the best baby news ever. >> steve: wow. i'd say so. we're starting a new segment on "fox & friends" called so sue me. peter johnson, jr. standing by to answer your legal questions pro bono. come on in, pete. you're next on "fox & friends" ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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4:16 am
>> gretchen: 14 minutes after the top of the hour. approximately 52,000 new civil lawsuits are brought every day in the u.s. that's a lot of lawsuits. and americans have a lot of legal questions. here to answer them, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr., one of the most highly rated trial and appellate lawyers in the country. he'll provide some answers. as brian said, pro bono. >> absolutely. here we go. >> gretchen: so we're going to paraphrase some of these letters because the way in which they came to us, some were lengthy. >> some are a couple pages. >> we marriesed what the questions are. >> gretchen: let's start out with this one, about a dealership for the last eight years apparently, the boss called the person fat and made fat jokes. i can't get him to stop. i'm considering legal action. that's a summary of what's going on. what do you say? >> absolutely. i don't represent these people and i don't want any of you, but i'm going to give you some advice. but go see a local lawyer on this.
4:17 am
under the americans with disability act, if you're morbidly obese, meaning your weight is 100% more than it should be, you may have a claim under the equal opportunity laws with regard to your obesity. you may also have a claim if you believe that you've been caused emotional distress. there is two type of claim. negligence and intentional infliction of emotional discretion, meaning outrageous conduct has caused you real emotional harm that's resulted in some kind of medical treatment. this is a tough lawsuit. there have been two claims paid by the federal government on this. only the state of michigan protects people who are heavier than they should be. obviously no one should be called fat in their workplace. it's not really a workplace statement. >> gretchen: all right. i was called fat as kid, but i guess not at work. >> you grew out of it. you're beautiful! >> gretchen: okay.
4:18 am
question number two, i hate frivolous lawsuits at a golf tournament. a pro gave me a massive handshake and hurt my hand. i work with hands. do i have a foot to stand on? this intrigued me because this person says he hates frivolous lawsuits, but some people might think shaking hands could be frivolous. >> the person is saying i hate frivolous lawsuits, this sounds crazy, but do i have a lawsuit? well, he may, in fact, have a lawsuit based on the circumstances. one, for lawsuit called battery which is really an unlawful touching of someone causing harm. or negligence. if that person who shook his hand knew he had this kind of superman handshake and did it anyway, and caused him harm, then, in fact, it could happen. we have know in the past, like even people like cindy mccain, the wife of john mccain, back in 2008, she wound up in a sling because of a bad strong
4:19 am
handshake on a campaign line. so it's been known to happen and claims have been paid out. i think it's a really tough one. i think you just got to be careful. but the guy's got to work for a living and says he has a problem ever since it happened. >> gretchen: yeah. it kind of reminds me of that hot coffee thing and starbucks. like don't you know coffee's hot? here is question number three, my nephew has been going to a methadone clinic to get off drugs for eight years. he asked the clinic to lower his dose and they refused. could they sue him for keeping them on this drug? n this is a really interesting one. this would be in the realm of medical malpractice, meaning the doctor or the clinic acted in a way that deviated from the community standards in terms of the way that people should be treated. i am bringing and our firm is bringing a similar suit here in new york state right now. a man who died as a result of a doctor who has now been taken out of the profession for giving too many drugs to that patient.
4:20 am
here this person said i want to get off methadone, i don't think i need it. these doctors are forcing it on me. a, he needs to see another doctor who is going to make sure that what's being done is right or wrong. b, if that's, in fact true, then he's got a complaint to the administrative authorities and perhaps a lawsuit. i don't believe that people should be suing for no reason, but if you think you have a reason, then a you cannily you've got to stand up for your rights. here is an uncle talking about a nephew who he thinks will die as a result of the treatment and too much methadone he's getting. thanks so much. keep sending your e-mails. >> gretchen: how do they do that? >> i think send them to e-mailpeter at and we'll be taking look at them. i'm not your lawyer on these things, but we're going to talk generally about the types of legal issues that we're confronting in this country. >> gretchen: right. >> there are too many lawsuits, but if you want to send it in, we'll take look at it and get
4:21 am
some general advice. >> gretchen: again, just a disclaimer, when they send these in, sometimes they're one, two, three pages long. so we're just providing paraphrased situations. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: okay. thanks so much for the new segment. we'll see you soon. parents getting banned from visiting their kids at school d. that go too far? there are two sides to this story. then, does a little wine before bed really help you sleep better? yeah. but there is more to it or it could go horribly wrong. anna's got it less and i got to less 'cause i like a little hot toddy before i doze off.
4:22 am
email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at
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>> gretchen: extreme weather alert. firefighters in massachusetts not only battling this massive blaze, but they're also up against freezing cold temperatures that are stalling their efforts. for the latest, we go to our reporter in lawrence, massachusetts. it's cold and the water is freezing when they're trying to put it out, right? >> yeah. they really had a lot of challenges. we're here in lawrence, massachusetts. you're going to see this building. this is what is left over after a fire that happened here over 12 hours ago. firefighters were here and doing their best to beat those flames. but the other challenge that they were facing were these sub zero wind chills. the temperature was about 19 degrees when this fire broke out. winds were blowing about 15 miles per hour. we want to show you some video of the scene and what it looked like as this fire was burning. the winds blowing 15 miles per hour. that means it was blowing water and sort of mist onto the
4:26 am
sidewalks and the streets as firefighters were trying to battle these flames. the firefighters were covered with ice. it was just clinging to their coats, clinging to their helmets. the fire chief said nobody was injured at this evening fire. there was also a fire that happened in the morning. one of the firefighters suffered a knee injury. another had chess pain. these very cold conditions are very challenging. the firefighters could slip and they could also have hypothermia. here in lawrence, we're seeing temperatures in the teens. wind chills are sub zero. the street is still slick. they've closed it off in this section here because slip something a real concern. i don't know if there is enough sand or salt in the world to deal with conditions like these this morning. certainly a challenge for firefighters across the state. live in lawrence this morning, back to you guys. >> gretchen: all right. thanks much for that update. hoping for a little warm temperatures coming up. steve, brian? >> steve: thanks, gretch. it's now time for your fox news health pick.
4:27 am
anna kooiman is here with a roundup of today's top medical stories. >> good morning to everybody at home. if you think that a night cap will help orgeat better night's sleep, think again. >> steve: what? >> a new review of 27 studies shows alcohol does not improve sleep quality. according to the findings, alcohol does allow healthy people to fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply for a while. but actually reduces rem sleep. it happens about 90 minutes after you fall asleep. it's the stage of sleep when you dream and it's thought to be restorative and disruptions in rem can really cause you to feel drowsy during the day and make it hard to concentrate. booze also suppresses breathing and can trigger sleep apnea. >> brian: by the way, when it comes to rem sleep, we just get into that when the alarm goes off for us and then we -- that's why we'll go insane shortly. >> steve: what then is the recommended dose of hooch? >> well, it's only one to two. so the idea of a night cap may
4:28 am
be -- >> steve: that could explain the headache. >> yeah. and if you have a lot of water and maybe pop an adville or banana because of the banana, that helps a little bit. but the bottom line, booze and sleep not good together. >> brian: when we have a headache, we want to know where is the origin of that headache, where do we go? >> particularly for migraine sufferers, if you wonder why you have a splitting headache, you may look up to the sky. lightning can trigger headaches, particularly for people who have migraines. they studied people who have migraines and record their headache activity every day for months and discovered migraines increase by about 30% on days when lightning struck. >> steve: why? any idea? >> well, there are a few reasons, but it's really believed that lightning emits elect tree magnetic waves and triggers the headaches. finally, we have to talk this morning about food and happiness. >> steve: okay. good. >> it's not just comfort food like we think, right? if you're looking to be happy, new researchers found that if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, it can help.
4:29 am
study claims eating eight servings of fruits and veggies a day improves your mood and people's mood stayed positive throughout the day after eating that amount of fruits and vegetables. usda recommends adults get five servings of fruits and veggies a day. but turns out only 14% of american adults do so. >> steve: i thought you were going to say if you eat some chocolate or going back to your first story action if off couple of drinks, that's going to make you happy. >> yeah, some chocolate. >> brian: and like they say, it picks you up with the sugar, it might make you happy short time. but anna wants long-term happiness, steve. not the quick one. >> steve: who doesn't? thank you very much. great advice. >> brian: we'll see you all weekend. >> steve: yep. >> brian: on the show. >> yes. >> steve: i've got a headache. i hope there is lightning. >> brian: look up. >> steve: it's a classic fairy tale turned action flick. >> this is my brother, hansel. >> steve: up next, brian. >> brian: yep? >> steve: the top movies of the
4:30 am
weekend and one movie you shouldn't pay for. >> brian: then check your receipts this weekend because brand-new fees are going into affect for using your credit card. >> steve: i would thought all these years you were read along with me. what's the matter with me? >> brian: i was thinking about anna's weekend. >> steve: i bet you were ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
[ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> do you want to be on jimmy kimmel live? >> i don't know. is like jimmy in there? >> no, no, no jimmy is not hosting it. i am. >> oh, yeah. well, yeah, of course. >> you he was making pizza and i went to look in the trash, put something in and i saw the boxes of digiorno. [ laughter ] >> steve: hilarious. >> gretchen: that was cute. that was his big gag, so to speak. no pun intended, was to have matt damon interview all these big celebrities that kimmel says
4:35 am
he can never get on the show. >> brian: he's down to 11:30. that was extremely creative. robin williams is also one of the stars that ended up closing the show. >> steve: you said during the course of the program, jimmy kimmel never said one word on his entire program. >> brian: because he was gagged. bound and gagged. working the cue cards was i think ben affleck. >> steve: funny stuff. meanwhile, onto the number one topic on a lot of people's frozen lips today, the freezing cold. these frigid temperatures have been creating challenges for firefighters battling blazes all across the country. as you can see, crews in chicago pouring water onto a warehouse making it look like a giant block of ice, ice castle. the bizarre scene is not stopping there. check out this frozen fountain in new york city. must have some prestone in it. for what you can expect today, janice dean says there is a big
4:36 am
storm lushing out there. but -- lurking out there, but it will get warmer. >> it is. so relief is on the way over the next few days. new york city, you have 13. over the next three or four days, temperatures will go up by around 30 degrees. so am break out shorts for a couple of days. then it will get cold again. don't get used to it too quickly. 19 in chicago. with the wind chill what, it feels like if you're not dressed properly, make sure you got your big parkas. it feels like minus 8 in boston. minus 4 in buffalo. 5 in green bay. minus 6 in international falls. we will see temperatures rise ten to 20 degrees above average over the next few days. i want to point your attention to an area of freezing rain and ice that's going to cause some really big problems on the roadways across the mid south and the deep south. see that pink? that's where we're seeing ice and freezing rain, sleet in the forecast for tennessee, kentucky, also alabama and
4:37 am
georgia. that's going to mean some really slippery travel ways. north of the kentucky, that's where we're seeing the snow. i want to point your attention to where we're seeing the freezing rain advisories in the lighter shade of purple and ice storm warning for parts of tennessee. so knoxville, as well as morris town, you're under an ice storm warning for the next several hours. things will be really dangerous. we'll keep you posted. steve, gretchen, brian, back to you. >> steve: ice not so nice. thank you very much. >> brian: now some more headlines. if you're swiping the plastic, be prepared to pay a lot more. starting sunday, merchants in 40 states will be allowed to add a checkout fee, charge up to 4%. >> steve: wow. >> brian: i know. >> gretchen: that's a big deal. >> brian: businesses used to cough up that money, but a settlement reached in july between credit card companies and merchants allows for fees to be passed on. you see, they tried to help you, but they don't understand that business reacts to what
4:38 am
lawmakers legislate. >> gretchen: wow. that's going to change the way that we exchange money. it's all in the name of safety. that's what an elementary school in tennessee is claiming now that it wants to limit parents' access to their children. parents have been allowed to visit children during lunchtime. but now the school wants to hand out vouchers. limiting visits to two during a nine week period. the principal says in the wake of the newtown tragedy, they want to make sure they can account for all the adults inside the cafeteria. this has upset some parents, saying it violates their parental rights, but i don't know. i kind of see it both ways. >> steve: all wrapped up in a tiny box, she thought it was jewelry, but turned out it was a present one woman had been waiting a long time for. look at this. >> whoa! a baby! [ laughter ] >> steve: you think she's
4:39 am
excited? that priceless reaction made her an internet sensation. inside the box, a block spelling the word "baby." shirley says she's been waiting to become a grandma for ten years. she's been waiting for the baby message and she got it. congratulations, shirley. >> gretchen: nothing like shear joy. now movie set to hit the box office this weekend. but which ones are worth seeing and which ones should you skip? >> steve: let's talk to our favorite movie critic in the whole world, kevin mccarthy. fox news contributor and joins us live from d.c good morning to you. >> good to see you. i miss the couch so much. i really miss the couch. >> gretchen: it was nice to have you. >> steve: it's freezing up here. first movie today? >> movie 43, a film that everyone is talking about, yet not talking about. it's a movie shot over a four-year period and there is 12 directors over 15 writers, and this movie reportedly cost only
4:40 am
$6 million to make w this huge cast, hugh jackson, halle barry, and it's a film that did not screen to critics. on top of that, none of the actors are doing press and none of the big stars showed up to the l.a. premiere on wednesday, which is very strange. i paid to see it last night, seven hours ago. it starts off very funny a kate winslet and hugh jackman skit. it's four out of five at that point. it painfully declined into this excruciatingly disturbing, violent, borderline offensive movie. i found myself scratching my head. there are great raunchy cam dee. but this crosses the line. when it comes offensive and disturbing, it's no longer funny. if you're going to see this movie, i gave it a 1 1/2 out of 5. i would recommend renting it and watchingth first skit and turning it off. it's a 1 1/2 out of 5. skip the movie. it's too offensive. >> steve: good advice. >> gretchen: the next one is something we all grew up knowing
4:41 am
about "chancel and gress -- hansel and gretel. >> we know is over the top. as an audience member, you kind of have to turn your brain cough go, this is not an oscar movie. this is not something that's supposed to be highly regarded. a fun, fun action movie. i sat down with jeremy renner and asked them, we're seeing a childhood fairy tale turn into an r rated action movie. so what if the reversed happened and we saw an r rated movie turned into a childhood fairy tale. check out their answers. >> if you could take an r rated movie and give it the reverse treatment and turn it into a g rated fairy tale, what would that be and why? >> what comes to mind is "alien." >> can you imagine. like little green men, like the ones in "toy story". just sort of come down.
4:42 am
hello. >> what about "the hurt locker" in fairy tale form? >> i don't know. >> i gave the movie a 3 out of 5. skip the 3 d and see the matinee >> steve: "the hurt locker" fairy tale style would be the grim brothers. the final movie, brian what would you like him to talk about? >> brian: parker." >> this is the -- jason baitman is playing the same character mel gibson played in "payback." it's an action movie. the beginning is great. the ending is great. but the middle section is too long. it's two-hour action film. i would say baitman is good, jennifer lopez is fun to watch. watch the rental. go see something like "argo" or "django unchained" or will he maze. those are the four best movies
4:43 am
playing. >> gretchen: i got date night saturday and we're seeing "zero dark thirty". >> something like "silver linings playbook" is good, too. >> gretchen: thanks. we'll see you next time. have a fantastic one. >> steve: you just saved us some money. >> brian: i never thought of "zero dark thirty" as a good date movie. >> gretchen: my husband and i both want to see it and we rarely get together to go on a date. >> steve: every american should see that movie. next up, a chapel ordered to remove its cross because people who don't go to the chapel are offended by it? we're going to tell you the story. >> brian: he's taking many trips to the end zone. now his next stop outside our studio is maybe the greatest runner ever, emmitt smith is here right now, just pulling up just in time. >> steve: he needs a coat. >> gretchen: the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1971, she's known as playing america fair
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> brian: the nfl's all-time leading rusher. he's dallas cowboy great and played for the team. emmitt smith, you're focusing on emmitt smith right now behind the scenes at your super bowl commercial, mr. hall of famer. >> lincoln and myself got together, along with jimmy fallon and he and his group wrote the entire story line for the new commercial that's coming out at the super bowl. >> brian: that's why we're in this car, right?
4:48 am
>> that's why we're sitting in the 2013 lincoln mkz. >> brian: the chances of you and i ever cruising around new york city together, probably small, right? >> not really. we can cruise around in the day, but i'm not going to drive you. driving in new york city is not easy. >> brian: you got to be aggressive. you don't like contact. >> you right around in a brand-new lincoln mkz, it's kind of hard to be aggressive. >> brian: this commercial will be cool in the super bowl. it's got to be exciting to be featured in a commercial. let's talk about the game because the 9ers were great when you were playing. they're back in the super bowl. they dominated the '90s along with you guys. so what do you expect 9ers-ravens? >> i'm expecting the ravens to be competitive but going with the 9ers because of you. but i'm rooting for the ravens. i'm torn. i want the 9ers to win because of the nfc, but i'm cheering for the ravens because i got business partners in baltimore and i want to see them win. >> brian: but you have the harbaughs head to head.
4:49 am
>> it makes for a great weekend down in new orleans. jim harbaugh and obviously his brother, john, they've done a great job of representing their organization in the way they have. >> brian: emmitt, the big story this week is the nfl being sued by junior seau and his family because of head injuries. they feel like you guys did not know the risks of playing this game. i guess that's what the lawsuit says. you played through concussions. you would not even tell the coaches if you were out, right? >> that's not a true statement about emmitt smith. i never played through concussions. but it's kind of hard to play through a concussion, to be honest with you. for me it was. but tend of the day, the risk factors in terms of the things that i was fully aware of were body stuff. more like knees, ankles, breaking a bone, something like that, perhaps getting a concussion. but never once to the point where the information that's coming out right now in terms of the head trauma, the repeated head trauma itself, how it caused a negative effect later on in life. >> brian: by the way, do you believe the nfl didn't do enough for you guys in informing you
4:50 am
and the helmets didn't do enough in keeping you safe? >> i'm sure -- i wouldn't say they didn't. i would think that over recent times, recent years with the evidence of former players actually dying and so forth and getting behind these weird deaths and really trying to understand what this epidemic is all about, i think that has brought a lot of things to the forefront. >> brian: everyone want to do know why you were coming out of college, everyone thought you were going to be really good and you were all-i'm great. watch you dance. the way you focused on "dancing with the stars" and dominating something like that is the same focus you brought to football. >> transitioning from the game itself and into a show like "dancing with the stars" is never easy for anybody. like lincoln right now, they're rebranding this whole lincoln motor company brand itself. this new mkz is one of those things that "dancing with the stars" afforded me to do, transition from the game and create a new brand for myself. >> brian: during this interview b 250 people passed by and they think we hang out.
4:51 am
there is brian kilmeade and emmitt smith hanging out. what is the chances of this relationship flourishing? n i think pretty good. we just got to stay in contact. >> brian: every time i do that, i never get your number or e-mail. >> i give you my e-mail. you give me yours. we can exchange information and go from there. in. we'll catch up to you on the radio. are you going to be in new orleans? >> yeah. >> brian: we'll see if i can tackle you. >> no, no, no more contact. >> brian: take a shot. this is to taunt emmitt smith during the entire break. chris chulo wearing his giants shirt! how wrong is that, gretchen? >> gretchen: brian. >> brian: like a new yorker. >> gretchen: brian, say hi to emmitt, his wife, pat. she was my intern at my first job in virginia. >> brian: your wife, pat, was gretchen's intern at her first job in virginia. >> really? >> brian: yeah. >> hello, gretchen. i'll tell pat you say hello. >> gretchen: beautiful wife.
4:52 am
>> brian: i'm going to drive around a while and i'll be back to close the show. do you have the key? this is on? let's go. >> steve: next up, looking to buy a house, best deals from across the country. four bedrooms, two baths and an awesome swimming pool for under $150,000. >> gretchen: first, on this day in 1976, "love roller coaster" by ohio players was number one. look what mommy is having. ♪ he [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> steve: are you in the market to buy a new house? well, it might be tough to find one. a brand-new report shows there is a shortage of homes for sale and that short supply means home prices are selling at a higher price. that's good. in fact, prices right now are up 11.5% compared to this time last year. so where weather can you still find a good deal? plenty of spots. three in particular, let's talk to real estate expert and author of "best time to buy," michael
4:56 am
corbett from l.a. >> good morning, how are you? you're absolutely right. what's going on is that with interest rates so low, that people are actually gobbling up the prices and also right now, the foreclosure rate is down in many, according to, according to 88 of the top 100 markets, markets are up, inventory is driving. that's driving the market now. >> steve: let's look at the first house in summerville, south carolina, to the north and to the west of charleston. >> this one is 249. it's five bedrooms, three baths, 2500 square feet. it's all brick construction, hardwood floors. really big spacious kitchen screened in porch, enormous backyard. south carolina, still seeing a lot of foreclosures hitting the market. so there are still really good deals there. >> steve: i love the porch. let's go to council bluff, iowa. a house for 180,000. >> absolutely. this one is four bedrooms, two
4:57 am
baths, about 2800 square feet. open split floor plan. it's got a cook's kitchen, new carpeting. 1.4 acres. your mortgage would be on this is only about 803 a month. that's pretty great. >> steve: now it's time for our deal of the week! >> this is my pick for deal of the week. this one is in grand prairie, texas. and it's under $159,000. with a pool, two stories. it's four bedrooms, three baths, 2300 square feet. big front lawn, great backyard. formal dining room. and your mortgage payment on this, including your taxes and insurance, would be about $668 a month. great deal of the week. >> steve: that is a deal. all right. michael, thank you very much. great advice on this friday morning. thank you. >> you got it. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, big show still ahead, geraldo rivera and former new york city police
4:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. tgif, it's friday, january 25, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for spending part of your day with us today. guess what? it's cold as ice out there. water freezing over as it hits the air, making a nightmare for firefighters and it's happening all across the country. where this arctic blast is headed next. >> steve: look at the ice on that guy. and don't pay for the prime and you're going to have to do the time. this guy forgot his wallet, so the restaurant called the cops and had him arrested. we'll tell you how that's going to end. >> brian: plus, a story that will make your weekend. this puppy struck by a car left to die until an entire community came together to save that puppy's life. meet the heros that started it all right here on "fox & friends" now.
5:02 am
>> brian: commissioner bratten is in the green room. i think, according to reports, that we might have blown a red light in an effort to get back. >> steve: we saw you drive right through the red. >> brian: you saw that on film? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: 'cause the commissioner is coming up next. does he have the power still to make an arrest? >> steve: he could make a citizen's arrest. >> brian: he could do that? is geraldo speaking latin, who we haven't introduced yet? >> steve: he's on retainer. >> gretchen: i'd like to get commissioner bratten's take on the restaurant's situation where the guy did not have his wallet, $218 bill, so he was arrested. i see it from both ways. you can't trust people anymore, unfortunately. >> steve: if you're going to buy something, you have to have the money. >> gretchen: so let's get to your headlines.
5:03 am
extreme weather. take a look at this. the arctic blast that has many states seeing sub zero temperatures, making it tough for firefighters. this is massachusetts. they were trying to put out a massive three alarm blaze. the hydrants freezing up. and the water turning into ice on the streets, making it difficult for firefighters to even stand up to fight the fire. some of them were hurt and it's not known yet what caused the fire. that arctic blast causing more misery to families trying to rebuild their lives after super storm sandy. some still without heat. david lee miller is in staten island where they've taken cover in tents. what can you tell us? >> unfortunately, the situation out here in staten island and for many areas in the northeast still dire for victims of sandy. let me give you some idea of the geography. if we pan to our left, here you see the coast line just beyond the trees. the water during the storm poured into this neighborhood.
5:04 am
we're going to pan the other way across the street. you can see the debris that was once a home and next door on either side you can see other homes completely destroyed, damaged. they have written notices on them, they've been condemned, they're not habitable. behind me now, this is a tent city, entirely set up by volunteers. this tent city services about 100 people a day. as many as 1500 over the weekend. let's go inside the community center here, if you will. you can get some idea of what's going on. this is a heated room. new york city police are providing diesel fuel for the heat. you can see the remnants of what appears to be last night's dinner on the other side of the room, there is a television set. tables for people to eat. it's not ideal, but i can tell think much, at least it is warm. outside it is painful. inside here it is balmy, i'd say 65 degrees. there are small number of people
5:05 am
who actually live here. listen. >> i have three residents that sleep here because one has no heat at all. one has no roof because the upper fell. it's too cold for him to stay there. the other one is just going back and forth to see his newborn and a little child. but he goes back and forth to the hotel because he's got to do things down here. they stay here 'cause there is no means for them to live. >> just to underscore how dire this situation is, a few days ago, gretchen, they found a day worker here with had frozen to death in a vacant home. they expect temperatures to warm up, possibly by monday, but the next 48 hours could be very difficult, in addition to the freezing cold. we are told that snow is on the way. gretchen. >> gretchen: david lee miller, thank you for bringing us that heart breaking story. family and friends also remembering the life of beloved
5:06 am
philadelphia pediatrician melissa catanuci. last night outside of her home, her body was found bound and burned. earlier this week. now get this, police say an exterminator has confessed to killing her. jason smith, this guy, apparently told police the two got into an argument during his appointment at her home. he than allegedly strangled her and set her body on fire. >> that points out it could happen to anybody at any time. any one of us let people into our house without doing background checks or having somebody else present. >> gretchen: surveillance video showed smith's truck parked nearby. it showed him following her into her house and then driving by twice after the murder. he's now facing several charges in connection with that killing. president obama giving his wish on gun control. diane feinstein introduced a new proposal that would ban certain assault weapons. in a press conference yesterday, democrats said they want the
5:07 am
sale, manufacturing and importation of weapons like these you're seeing on the screen to be blocked. >> enough is enough. these weapons don't belong on the streets of our city. their purpose was to kill large numbers of people in close combat. >> gretchen: critics claim the new proposal would have done little to prevent a mass shooting like the one in newtown, connecticut. you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can apparently learn some from a vintage nasa rocket engine that was built to help propel apollo 11, it brought neil armstrong to the moon, but scrapped because of a glitch. now nasa engineers have fired it up, running tests to improve technology for the next generation of moon missions. they hope to launch them by 2020. >> brian: when get a space program back. >> gretchen: i thought we didn't have one. >> brian: we don't go into space anymore. >> they have the 787 dreamliner. >> brian: geraldo rivera is here. back. >> good morning, good morning.
5:08 am
>> steve: we missed you. >> you cheated on me with arnold schwarzenegger. >> steve: yes, we did. want this, speaking the cheating on people, manti te'o was yesterday on katie couric's program. he brought along some of the voice mail from -- we thought it was a guy pretending he was a woman. talk talking in a falseetto. >> brian: you talked to women before. you make the call. >> steve: is this a man or woman? >> i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. i know that european doing homework or with the boys. i want to say i love you and good night and i'll be okay tonight. i'll do my best. yeah. so i will talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much. sweet dreams.
5:09 am
i don't know who answered your phone and i don't care. you made it clear what you want. take care. >> steve: okay. man or woman? >> i think it was a young woman. i think -- if manti te'o is not involved in this, then that is a sadistic kind of torture of this poor man that is so cruel. >> brian: what does your gut tell you in. >> my gut tells the scammer, the buddy, the hoaxter, he may have masterminded it. it's a small knit community, the american samoa community. >> steve: let's show the victim on screen left. the actual voice apparently the hoaxter's cousin. >> she lives in american samoa. a distant commonwealth in a small knit community.
5:10 am
they apparently recruited her to portray the role. the whole thing coming as it did with the lance armstrong revelations and now beyonce. you start thinking, is anything real in but with manti te'o, i think that brian disagrees with me on this. but i think that his involvement in this, the ex at any time of it is still unknown and it could very well be that he went along with this so he croated this as some are suggesting, to couch his own homosexuality. >> steve: he said yesterday he was not gay. >> he also said that he was not involved in the fraud. how do you know? at what point? because he admits that he was too deep into it to back out at a certain point. he admits toly. if i were cross-examining him on the witness stand, i'd say, are you lying now? were you lying then? you know, the problem with admitting to a lie is you never know where the lie begins. >> gretchen: i think what people have trouble with, geraldo, is that somebody could carry on a three-year relationship and
5:11 am
never want to see the person in person. and i'm not going to say -- it's unfair to say that you believe him or don't because we don't know. nobody knows right now. but it is unusual that you would not want to see a person that you're supposedly in love with. >> that's why i believe either the gay scenario, he didn't want to meet her because he didn't really wasn't into her in that sense. he loved the idea of here i am taking care of this dying woman, or more cynically, that he was deeply engaged himself in creating a fraud that added a tremendous luster to his performance on the field and made him a heisman trophy finalist. i think that the jury is still out, but it is entirely likely to me that manti te'o is deeply engaged himself and in this small community, this american samoa community you have people
5:12 am
perpetrating various aspects of a fraud that will be revealed i think only after lawsuits and maybe even criminal charges. >> brian: let's bring in our next story and a special assistant for you. bill bratten is here. >> bringing the heavyweight. >> brian: yeah. >> brian: gretchen, tell the story. >> steve: what happened was, commissioner, i'm sure you seen this story. this italian tourist, a lawyer from naples, he goes to a restaurant, five blocks if here e. has a wonderful meal. the bill comes, 208 bucks. he doesn't have his money. he left it behind. he tells the waiter that and then next thing you know, they're calling the cops. he says look, keep my, phone as collateral or i'll take a busboy. the cops show up. they say, sorry, pal. we're not a taxi service. they wind up taking him down to the 17th precinct house. is that the right thing to do? >> no. >> steve: they did it. >> gretchen: what should they have done? >> not the right thing to do. it's tying up public cops. a process.
5:13 am
>> steve: do you blame the restaurant for calling the cops? >> everyone has a role to play in this one. a little too much police use of power. the tourist, everybody has a piece of the blame on this one. >> i see a little different commissioner, with all due respect. dine and dash, eat and run is a major crime that robs -- >> brian: your dad used to have a diner! >> robbed of tens of dollars nationwide. zero tolerance. it's like shoplifting. there is a $208 bill. here is a guy, yeah, i left my wallet back at the ettle ho, yeah. and i got a bridge i want to dump. >> did they call the hotel to verify he was there? >> gretchen: good investigative question. >> you know, i'm registered at a hotel. my wallet is there. i had to show id to register. call the hotel. instead they called the cops. >> brian: i like the idea of the
5:14 am
guy -- why don't i just grab a busboy and come back and they said no. >> gretchen: well, that's weird to take a person. >> brian: because he's probable lea got a job. there's a lot of tables that need to be cleaned. >> steve: take the manager. >> in the naked city, this is a hard cruel world. these guys, they've had it up to here. >> again, the simple solution was, pick up his iphone and call the hotel. >> what we used is put them in the kitchen, let him wash a few dishes. >> brian: there you go! >> work it off. >> gretchen: good idea. have a good weekend. >> steve: you're next. >> i am? >> gretchen: we've seen a lot of rescues but this is something else. a boy about to be dragged under a raging river. the democratic rescue caught on camera. >> brian: you're paying their way. so should people on well father be able to -- welfare be able to buy lottery tickets. if they won one, they wouldn't need welfare
5:15 am
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>> gretchen: welcome back. could the keys to curbing gun violence be answering crime effectively? that's how our next guest attacked crime when he headed the new york police department? here to weigh in is bill bratten. former nypd police commissioner, also out in los angeles. >> good to be here. >> gretchen: so you think that you like the symbolism of president obama's gun package, but you say it all comes down to people's behavior. what do you mean? >> effective gun control has many facets to it. assault weapons ban is an element, significant symbolism. but the reality is you want to control behavior. the behavior of people. and that's what we did in the '90s here in new york. that's what i did in los angeles
5:19 am
for seven years. crime is caused by people. you focus on their behavior and one of the behavioral changes is insuring that everybody that wants to buy a firearm has to basically submit to an i.d. check. that's form of behavior control. a lot of laws, a lot of tools are necessary, but effectively what you're doing is trying to control behavior. >> gretchen: you say that supersedes legislation. i just want to show some crime stats from new york when you were in charge here in the '90s. so murders fell 70%, car theft down 61. robbery down 55%. burglary down 53%. what did you do significantly about behavior? >> we had a very assertive police force, a very large police force. did the same thing in los angeles with a small police force over the same period of time. the crime reduction in l.a. is about the same. you focus the police on controlling behaviors to such an extent you change it. in the sub waist of nobody,
5:20 am
especially deppic in the early '90s. we began arresting fare evaders. with gun crime, if you commit a crime with a gun, you need to do jail time. if you possess a gun illegally, it needs to be a punishment. "new york times" did a story several days ago showing the disparity of punishment in new york city, has the tightest gun controls in the country. in the bronks, it has some of the highest violence levels. in the city, 31% of people related in gun violence. >> gretchen: real quickly, there is this new scanner that the new york police department might be using eventually to find concealed weapons on people. they can see them using this new device. it's a prototype. is it anywhere near to coming to reality? >> no. as best i can tell, the news accounts yesterday, the device is as big as one of your cameras
5:21 am
here on the set. but it's a technology that's intended to be focused on an area and determine if people in the area and are partially carrying a firearm. something may be more effective might have been what jack maple proposed years ago when he worked with me. a half dozen bloodhounds, put a sign on them, gun detection dog. >> gretchen: again, that's a behavioral way of approaching it. you got the job done in both of those cities. bill bratton, great to get your thoughts. >> nice to be with you. >> gretchen: a chapel ordered to remove its cross because people who don't go there are offended by it? we'll tell you that story. it's not too late to get deals for the super bowl. we'll show you exactly how right after this [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
5:22 am
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>> steve: quick headlines for you on this friday morning. should people on welfare be able to use that money that they win to buy lotto tickets? not according to lawmakers in north carolina. they're trying to put in place a ban to stop it. right now there are more than 1.7 million people on food stamps in the state. a teenage boy hanging on for his life. he's pulled from the raging flood waters in australia. take a look as the rescue worker goes into the water himself to help bring him to dry land, the boy is now, we're happy to report, doing fine. all right, brian, off to the super bowl. >> brian: we're just over a week away until the biggest sporting ehave not of the season and the year of the world. i'm talking about the super bowl. whether you're a 49ers fan or
5:26 am
raves fan, we have last minute travel hits and passes to help you navigate super bowl weekend. here is the senior editor at orbitz, jeanine. first of all, it almost sounds dumb, but what's there to do in new orleans? >> new orleans, people will be hitting the nfl experience and all the stuff around the super dome. but if you go there, you have to experience some of the great things about this city. there is a lot going on. >> brian: it's more than just drinking and bads. >> there is bourbon street, because lot of other great cultural things to do and museums. there is the national world war ii museum, which is an amazing experience if you're a history buff or into this era. there is a really cool 4 d panoramic movie that's narrated and produced by tom hanks. check that out at the museum. >> brian: that center the audubon nature institute, the imax theater? >> no, that's at the world war ii museum. there is also the auto bonn nature institute, which includes an imax theater, zoo,
5:27 am
aquarium, so anyone taking their kids with them, this is a good thing to check out. >> brian: when when you talk about this, arthel neville says it's all about jazz and dancing. >> you've got to hit the jazz clubs, you got to go to some of these great restaurants to have dinner and learn how it cajun dance. >> brian: this is the first time since katrina that we've been back in new orleans with the super bowl. is there anything that's going to appear different? >> the city -- >> brian: rebuilt? >> it's rebuilt, rejuvenated. it's open for business. and has been for quite some time. so anyone walking around the french quarter and down to the french market, if you've been there before, it's going to be the same experience. >> brian: the last time the ravens were in the bowl was in been a while. the last time the 49ers were in the super bowl was the mid 90s. so far what fans are more passionate about going to the game in person? >> according to, flight bookings, we're seeing twice as many ravens fans booking flights out of baltimore
5:28 am
as we are 49ers fans coming out of san francisco. >> brian: i am surprised by that because these people have been starved to get back to the big game. >> it's not cheap to get there. you're looking at $1,500 for a round trip ticket from san francisco and about 1200 from baltimore. >> brian: i tried o book a flight two weeks ago. >> you have to go a couple days early, maybe stay later to get better deals on air fare and find flights that have seats left. also know that most of the hotels in the city, near will he all are sold out, unless you're willing to pay $1,500 for a hotel room. you need to look at places like baton rouge, biloxi and gulf port. >> brian: do you think i should recommend to stay until wednesday to save the company money? >> absolutely. >> brian: anything for fox. thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. enjoyed your hit this morning. 27 minutes after the hour. next, parents banned from visiting their kids at school. does that go a little bit too
5:29 am
far? there are two sides to this story. we'll give you both. then keep an eye on your receipts this weekend because brand-new fees are going to affect if you're using your credit card
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
>> the pentagon has decided to allow women to serve in combat. [ cheers and applause ] the hope is that we can now finally defeat the taliban by giving them the silent treatment. [ laughter ] >> brian: that's fantastic. >> gretchen: oh, come on! >> brian: that's great. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> gretchen: women could talk their ears off, too, right? that's the other thing. >> brian: that could be good. >> gretchen: for the first time since the president's demand for tougher gun control, he may now be getting his wish. senior white house correspondent wendell goler joins us to explain. has to do with the senators' proposal, right? >> vice president biden, gretchen, who will hold a round table at virginia commonwealth university today, joined by
5:34 am
homeland security secretary janet napolitano and kathleen sebelius, the secretary of health and human services. and by some experts who worked on the virginia tech massacre in 2007 in which 32 people were killed. it aims to get lawmakers the support california diane feinstein reintroduced the assault weapons ban and calling for universal background checks on gun buyers. feinstein held a news conference with a display of the weapons her bill would ban. the future manufacture of the dealers could continue to sell existing stock. she was the president of the san francisco board of supervisors in the late 1970s when a former supervisor shot and killed another member of the board and the city's mayor, and feinstein was on the scene. >> i know the urge to arm yourself because that's what i did. i was trained in firearms. i'd walk to the hospital with my -- when my husband was sick. i carried a concealed weapon.
5:35 am
i made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, i was going to take them with me. >> she made those comments in 1995 after congress passed the assault weapons ban she authored. it was allowed to expire ten years later when republicans argued it hadn't been effective enough in stopping crime and some democrats joined them in that assessment. biden says it stopped some crime and it won the support of police officers. >> the idea that it doesn't solve every problem, although only solves part of the problem without trenching on anyone's individual rights, but because it doesn't solve the whole problem you shouldn't do it, i don't buy the logic of that. >> the president is redirecting his campaign organization to become a lobby be group to build support for issues like the assault weapons ban and ban on high capacity magazines. >> gretchen: wendell goler live at the white house on a friday. thanks so much. >> brian: that was quite a display yesterday. they had all the guns out there
5:36 am
as well. now to your other headlines. if you're swiping the plastic, user your credit card, be prepared to pay more. pay attention. starting sunday, merchants in 40 states will be allowed to add a checkout fee. it's up to $4. businesses used to cough up that money out of their pocket. but a settlement reached in july between credit card companies and merchants allows for those charges to be passed on to the consumer. >> steve: meanwhile, high school students with disabilities getting a chance to suit up and take the field. the department of education expected to make it mandatory that all disabled students be allowed to play on sports teams. if altering rules to get them involved gives them an unfair advantage that schools will be required to set up a separate league for them. >> gretchen: u.s. soldiers are forced to remove a cross and steeple from a chapel on an american army base in afghanistan. american atheists sent a letter to the pentagon after one soldier complained. in response, the military reportedly order soldiers to take down the christian symbol to make it a neutral facility.
5:37 am
brian? >> brian: just because he's in a wheelchair doesn't mean he can not fight back. army veteran mark sikes was watching tv when a man broke into his georgia house without hesitation, he grabbed his hand gun and confronted the man as he entered the bedroom. >> said, what are you doing in my house? it's either going to be me or him. one of us has got to go and this is my house. this is my home. >> brian: the suspect bolted out the front door. but has not been found. the korean war veteran says he thinks the guy had a car waiting for him. >> steve: meanwhile, firefighters in massachusetts battling a massive blaze. they were up against freezing cold temperatures that turned water no ice and stalled their efforts. you can see these images from last night. katherine prada has an update from lawrence, massachusetts, where this morning it's an icy mess behind you. >> yeah. that is certainly the case. as you pointed out, this is
5:38 am
where the fire was. you can see what it looks like this morning. over 12 hours later, just icicles hanging off of every surface. i've been covering fires for a while, and i'm not sure i've seen anything like this. this was shot during the fire. you can see those firefighters also very iced over yesterday. they were trying to fight those flames with water, dousing that building. a lot of that water was getting blown at them. they were dealing with winds of about 15 miles per hour. so they were covered with ice on their helmets and coats, also the ice all overt sidewalks here, as you can still see today. nobody was injured. of course, the firefighters fighting fires in these types of conditions have to deal with hypothermia concerns, possibly slipping slipping and falling. nothing like that happened here. you can see them trying to deal with the aftermath, trying to get sand down on those surfaces. they blocked off the roads. they can do that. they have plows out as well. just very, very treacherous conditions for firefighters, especially when you get those very cold temperatures and then
5:39 am
the sub zero wind chills on top of it. that's the latest from lawrence, massachusetts. back to you. >> steve: thanks for standing out where it's really cold to bring us the story, katherine. >> brian: good thing she loves her work. >> steve: i know, good thing she's got a hat. >> gretchen: there is a school that apparently wants to limit parental access to the children during the lunch hour. apparently there was a sort of policy at the school where the parents could come in on any day to join their kids for lunch. but now in light of what happened in newtown, connecticut and other concerns, the school wants to limit the parents to be able to only have access two times a month. >> steve: the school is called clover crop elementary in franklin, tennessee, a suburb of nashville. beautiful area. and apparently going forward, this is the proposal, what they would do is if you wanted to go visit your child and you could visit them twice in a nine-week period, go on-line and you register. then you get a ticket to eat with your kids. that way they can control how many adults are actually in the
5:40 am
school at any given time. >> brian: what if you forget your lunch and the parents want to bring it up? you can do that? >> steve: you can just drop it off at the office. that happens every day. >> brian: i don't know how you feel about that and the only way we find out is if you e-mail us. my mom was a lunch lady. and it was joyous for a junior high school student trying to capture his own identity to have your own mom wait on. everyone liked my mom, better than me. >> steve: we still like your mom better than you. >> gretchen: did she let them go up for seconds? >> brian: she was pretty much in control, like she controlled my house. so i wouldn't have the problem that these kids are facing. >> gretchen: i bet she wouldn't have allowed us to stuff the vegetables down the milk can. that's what we used to do. >> brian: she was pro vegetable. she was hired as a pro vegetable lunch lady. >> gretchen: that was the way to get rid of them. >> steve: do you think it's good idea to allow the parents just to drop by any time they want and have lurching with their kids or do you think they're in
5:41 am
grade school, they should be socializing with other kids, that way the teachers don't have to worry about what are the parents doing in here. e-mail us. >> gretchen: coming up next, what's wrong with medicare? try this for starters. we just found out millions were paid to illegal immigrants and prison inmates. so some and many are asking, how the heck did that happen? >> brian: meet the heros of the week. this two-year-old puppy struck bay car left to die, but these cops made it their mission to save his life. wait until you hear how they did it. first, let's hear what ali and clayton have planned for the weekend. >> when you said heros for the week, we looked at each other. >> brian: you are runner up. >> sorry action the dogs win this week. >> reading, writing and revolve ers? teachers being offered discounts to learn how it serve and protect. we dispatched ainsley earhart to a gun range in texas to give us a firsthand look at how teachers
5:42 am
could be armed. >> then more and more celebrities are popping the cork on a new rule. on -- role. making wine themselves. but is this their -- is their vino any good? we'll put it to the test. >> meanwhile, then it's a bird, it's plane, it's superman. >> that is awesome. >> is it really? that's superman is going to join us live tomorrow. >> that is amazing. i don't care what it is, i will be here
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. $120 million in medicare money being spent on inmates and illegal immigrants. the feds was not able to catch the improper payments from 2009 through 2011 until it was too
5:46 am
late. and a suspected car thief running from police tries to hide in an empty home. instead of going in after him, the cops smoked him out. they pumped tear gas into the home and look, here he is. popping his head out of a window in the attic. cops nabbed him a few seconds later. now let's go over to steve. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. this next story may be hard to hear. a two-year-old pup struck by a car and left alongside the road to die clung to life for hours until he was found and rescued by three l.a. police officers. now philly the dog has a new lease on life, but a long recovery road ahead. he joins us now from los angeles, along with the l.a.p.d cops who saved him, jennifer, valerie and cindy. good morning, ladies. thank you for joining us today. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: officer cohen, let's start with you, take us back to january 10, thursday. you guys were heading back to the cop shop and you saw
5:47 am
something alongside the road. right? >> we were heading back from one of our elementary schools because we house of representatives at risk youth. so we were heading back to our station, we saw a dog lying on the side of the road on the sidewalk. we had a real brief discussion, you know, does he look hungry? you think he looks hung flee let's go get him some food. so we went, grabbed him some food, maybe a block away, came back, 'cause his ribs were sticking out. officer lancaster attempted to feed him. when he lifted his head up, he then cried, as if he was in pain. so we looked a little closer and we realized that his left leg was swollen and he had scratches all over him. >> steve: oh, my goodness. officer lancaster, we should point out that philly now is simply asleep. philly is on the road to recovery. so you would you know up taking -- how adorable. you call him philly because you named him after a sergeant from philly.
5:48 am
tell us a little. >> yes. >> steve: officer lancaster, you take him to the vet and the vet realized in terrible shape. but they found that he had one of those microchips in his neck and they were able to locate the owner. so they contacted the owner and what did they say about philly? >> pretty much they said that they can't afford it right now, that they don't want him and put him down. we couldn't allow him to be put down just for a broken leg. so we decided to go back and take on the responsibility of saving him 'cause no dog needs to die just for a broken leg. he's such a sweet boy. he needs to be loved. >> steve: right. you know, your kindness got him to the vet. but vet bills can be venges psive. so officer herrera, tell us how you solicited donations from your friends and family members on facebook and how much have you raised so far for philly? >> we started with facebook and obviously at first we within
5:49 am
back to the station, did extensive amount of research, foundations, called numerous amount of phone numbers to see if they could help us and we got some yeses. we got some no's. we got more numbers to call, so that's what we continued doing. and in the meantime, we set up a facebook account for him. and through our friends and word of mouth -- >> steve: you've raised how much money so far? >> so far right now, it's about -- >> we're at almost $25,000. that's as of this morning. >> steve: fantastic. you can barely see it, but does philly have a couple of stripes on his cap? >> he does. stars and stripes. >> he is named after our sergeant. >> there you go. >> he has the sergeant stripes. >> steve: he just woke up. hey, i'm on television. we understand that philly will have to have two more surgeries and all the kindness of all the
5:50 am
people who donated the money certainly will go to good use. if folks would like to donate, i know they are able to write a check. but if you would like more information, e-mail us and we'll put you in touch with the trio of officers out in l.a ladies, thank you very much. what a great story and what nice thing you did. >> thank you for having us. >> steve: los angeles' finest. all right. next up, he's the next big thing in country music. and he's watching me. ♪ you've got it all figured out ♪ >> steve: you're about to hear live from brett eldridge. you're here, you're about to perform. now it's time for bill hemmer to bring upcoming attractions. >> remember the keystone pipeline? >> steve: of course. >> it's back. the governor of nebraska will tell us why a new route should get this job going. some democrats proposing tough new gun laws, why their own
5:51 am
party might prehave not those laws from taking place. the american pastor jailed in iran is now missing. his wife joins us live today. as plant ant's voice mail a man or -- manti te'o's voice mail a man or woman? we report, you decide. martha and i will join you on "america's newsroom" [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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♪ girl you know i'm watching ♪ . >> gretchen: he's been called the next big thing in country music, already known for writing hit songs for barry allen, brett eldridge is looking to leave his own mark on country music and joins us live with his new single "don't ya." i want to remind folks, welcome. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: i didn't know you grew up in paris, illinois.
5:55 am
>> yep. it's a little town right in the smack dab middle of illinois. >> gretchen: you came by music honestly, i understand? >> absolutely. i grew up singing from a little kid and staring at the floor to valley running around on stage and having a blast. >> gretchen: now, "don't, which ha" is girls are good at playing tricks with guys' minds. >> do you agree? >> gretchen: i'm going to listen to the lyrics. here it is. ♪ girl you got those jeans just right ♪ ♪ i know you didn't buy them like that ♪ ♪ so baby don't even try ♪ you move
5:56 am
♪ girl you know i'm watching ♪ don't lie ♪ you got it all figured out ♪ that smile ♪ that's got me spinning around ♪ ♪ don't even try ♪ acting like it ain't no new thing ♪ ♪ 'cause i can see you move a little closer, closer ♪ ♪ girl i got to get to know you, know you ♪ ♪ everything about you makes me want you, want you ♪ ♪ no what you're doing, baby, don't ya, don't ya ♪ ♪ you've been looking over here all night ♪ ♪ when i look you look away ♪ oh, i love the little games you play ♪ ♪ and i bet ♪ you didn't mean to brush my hand when you walked by me ♪ ♪ it's driving me crazy
5:57 am
♪ don't lie ♪ you got it all figured out ♪ that smile ♪ has got me spinning around ♪ don't even try to acting like it ain't your thing ♪ ♪ 'cause i can see you move a little closer closer ♪ ♪ girl i got to get to know you know you ♪ ♪ everything about you makes me want you want you ♪ ♪ know what you're doing baby don't you don't you ♪ ♪ want to get out of here and let me show you how good it will feel to hold you ♪ ♪ put your pretty little head on my shoulder ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ don't lie ♪ you got it all figured out ♪ that smile ♪ got me spinning around ♪ don't even try acting like it ain't no thing ♪ ♪ no ♪ don't lie
5:58 am
♪ you got it all figured out ♪ girl that smile ♪ has got . ...
5:59 am
[ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ]


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